About us

About us

 Our company

3Dfils is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of materials for 3D printing.

3Dfils was created by two young engineers passionate about 3D printing technology. Pablo Valero Martínez and Jose María Valero Araez began in 2015 with the first tests on different materials for the 3D printing, since they understood that for this technology was the great revolution that is called to be, it was necessary that a wide range of materials existed That allowed to make it able to adapt to any application. It was in 2016 when 3Dfils was officially created. Since then we have not stopped researching and developing 3D-related materials and systems. Growing as a company and looking for the growth of 3D printing as technology. Our goal is to offer our customers innovative filaments of the highest quality.

We are manufacturers

In 3Dfils we develop and manufacture our filaments.

All this led us to set up our own production line ensuring that we have a product that meets the highest quality standards. Our filaments seek to respond to the needs of 3D printing today. Thanks to this we are able to create customized filaments, both in color and performance.

Consulting services

We want to contribute to the implementation of 3D printing technology

We are convinced of the great advantages of this technology and therefore we also offer consulting services to companies to help them adopt additive manufacturing.

The Team

Pablo Valero Martínez

Jose María Valero Araez


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