Development of custom materials

At 3DFils we are specialized in collaborating with our clients for the development of materials customized to their needs. We can develop materials with particular characteristics either of adhesion or hardness or of course make the necessary batches with a specific color.


If your company is considering the incorporation of 3D printing, in 3DFils we can carry out an analysis and evaluation project to determine the costs and benefits for your organization. In this study, in addition to the assessment, the possible benefited processes and the optimal degree of implementation will be determined: total or partial outsourcing or internal adoption with acquisition of equipment, prescribing the most appropriate 3D printers in this case.


In the event that training is required to help implement 3D printing in your company, at 3DFils we are used to making customized training plans. In a few sessions your employees will be able to handle the most popular 3D printing software, differentiate and choose between various types of materials depending on their application and autonomously operate a 3D printer.

Generation of 3D models

Sometimes we work with clients who do not have the necessary tools to make the 3D design. In 3Dfils we can take care of the design, either by scanning, modeling or parametric, and of course, the adaptation of the design for 3D printing.

3D printing

We have several FDM printers with which we can carry out 3D printing jobs for those clients who do not yet have their own equipment, as well as for prototype printing tests.

If you want more information about our services, you can go to contact with us.

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